Yorkshire County Cat Club holds it annual championship show in
Doncaster in October each year.  You can obtain more details by e-mailing us at:

or vist the web site
Yorkshire County Cat Club

Thank you for visiting Keverstone Maine Coons. If you have enjoyed seeing our Maine Coons and would like further information on the breed, then visit the Maine Coon Cat Club web site

We would like to thank Steve & Carol Lawson (both ACFA judges) and Debbie Smith for entrusting their beautiful cats to us. To see more Cancoon cats, visit Debbie's web site

Other useful links:   
                                 Governing Council of the Cat Fancy  (G.C.C.F.)
                                    (largest feline registering body in the UK)

        FBRL-- A Worldwide Breeders' List, with information on the pedigree breeds.

A site full of useful information for all cat lovers interested in various breeds

Wildlife on Easystreet
A fabulous site with loads of information about the different cat species. This is a specialist sanctuary in Tampa, Florida which looks after unwanted larger cats,
including Lynx and Bobcats.   Visitors are welcome here and some of the large cats can be handled by the public.                         

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